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Fish Tournament Requirements

    ALL Tournaments are 100% Free.


Sign up requirements 


1. You must have a personal account for any of our systems and must be active (min deposit $10 within 7 days). The 7 days begin every Monday. Must be a member of the GC7 FB group to enter.

2. There will be one post every day to sign up 12am EST asking you to comment the word reload. The tournaments will be for credits. The post must have a minimum of 30 likes and 30 shares. You must complete all task in it's entirety. The winner must like and share the sign up post before the start of the tournament. 

3. Only comment once. 

4. If someone wants to join without a personal account they must comment under the free daily dollar post. 


Accounts and passwords


5. There will be a min of 40 slots Available. The people with active personal accounts will have weekly personal tournament accounts.

If you have a Personal active account but don't have a personal tournament account you can request a tournament account by texting (231) 432-2494 our Game Changer 7, Tournament Department and providing your username of your active personal account. We will only be issuing out personal tournaments accounts via text message (231) 432-2494. If we're not able to get to you right away please be patient and we will respond. To speed up the process please send your cash tag name and once you receive your login information please send a password back as soon as possible. We have 24 hours to issue you your reward and we will notify you once we do. 


6. Tournament starts every day at 12pm until 12am EST. You have 12 hours to comment or until the start of that tournament to comment Reload. Anyone that comments after the tournament starts or didn't recharge their personal account within 7 days, won't be able to participate or claim any of the prizes unless you commented under the free daily dollar post to join the daily tournaments. The 7 days start every Monday. 

7. Before the tournament begans you will be issued 500 Credits and will have until 12pm EST and 12am EST to reach one of the three highest scores. Your objective is to rank one of the top 3 highest scores before the tournament ends. Please remember to use copy and paste for your username and password because it is case sensitive. 

8. All participant scores will be posted between 12am and 12pm EST and you will have up to 5 hours to claim your reward. To claim your reward, message us (231) 432-2494 with a valid state ID, your account name, the place you ranked and your cash app hash tag/name, active personal account username. Please remember we have 24hrs to issue your reward. If you fail to submit any of these details you will forfeit your winning. Please do not continuously message us about your winnings we will get it to you within 24hrs.

9. Please be patient with us when issuing out accounts, payments ect.



1) Inactive personal account

2) Fail to like and share

3) Failure to comment in time

4) Playing in the tournament during 12am - 12pm EST. 

5) Failure to send all required information to receive your prize within the 5 hour time frame of posted winning results. 



Winnings are subject to change at anytime. Any changes to the winnings or rules you will be notified in the the group so please check the GC7 group daily for updates and changes.

For Tai chi master Sweep Coin Prizes Only

1st place wins 75, credits 

2nd place wins 50, Credits

3rd place wins 25, Credits

You have 5 hours after the winning scores are posted to message us (231) 432-2494 with a valid state ID, account name score amount and place you won, cash tag/name, & active personal account.

Your credits will go towards your personal account you will need 100 Sweep Coins, to redeem from your personal Tai chi master account. 



                          Game link 


To get in the game visit our website and click on the dragon King picture, where you can then enter your acct. info!


Please click on the Dragon King link below.

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. See Tos. 18+

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