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Customer Acceptance Policy VERSION: 1 

DATE OF LAST UPDATE: 27 March 2021 1. WHO WILL Game Changer 7, ACCEPT AS A CUSTOMER? Game Changer 7, will do business with you, only if you: 

• are a natural person (Game Changer 7, does not accept companies or any other legal entities as  customers) 

• have read and agreed to the most recent applicable terms and conditions (including any  applicable Privacy Policy, Sweeps Rules, Responsible Gaming Policy, and Customer Acceptance Policy)  (Terms and Conditions) 

• follow such Terms and Conditions at all times 

• register with and transact on any Game Changer 7, platform on your own behalf • use payment mediums for which you are the legal and beneficial owner 

• are over the age of 18 years

• reside in the US (excluding outlying territories and the State of Washington) or Canada  (excluding Quebec) 

• are satisfactorily identified and verified under Game Changer 7, anti-financial crime programme 

• satisfy Game Changer 7, ’ due diligence measures (as applicable) including source of wealth and  funds checks 

• provide information and documents as requested by Game Changer 7, in accordance with Game Changer 7, anti-financial crime programmed.  

• are not: 

- A politically exposed person (past or present) (PEP) 

- A family member or close associate of a PEP 

- Named on any sanctions list issued by the United Nations, the European Union, The United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia or any other sanctions List applicable to Game Changer 7, from time to time  

- Directly or indirectly linked to countries or territories subject to 

Comprehensive sanctions o an individual with a risk profile falling outside of Game Changer 7, risk tolerance as determined in Game Changer 7, sole  


If you are accepted as a customer, Game Changer 7, ask you to give extra information if Game Changer  7, either: 

• classifies you as high risk 

• or deems the extra information necessary from time to time. 


GAME Changer 7, continually screens accepted customer’s information, purchases, redemptions, game  activity and behaviors for relevant financial crime risk indicators. Depending on the specific facts and  context, customers will be classified as having a low, medium or high risk level. Game Changer 7, will  classify a customer as high risk where they present or are likely to present money laundering, funding of  terrorism or other financial crime risk which has financial or reputational consequences to Game  Changer 7.  

While Game Changer 7, seeks to investigate any financial crime risk alerts within a reasonable  timeframe, compliance with applicable laws may result in delays while additional due diligence is  conducted and relevant information obtained. 


If Game Changer 7, classifies you as high risk or determines that extra information is required, you may  be asked to provide information on, or evidence of, your: 

• income-generating activities 

• estimated net worth or sources of wealth

• anticipated pattern and level of Gold Coin purchases 

• sources of funds used on a particular Gold Coin purchase transaction or series of Gold Coin purchase  transactions 

• identity attributes in question including name, date of birth and address. 

If you fail or refuse to submit, within the timeframe communicated by Game Changer 7the required  information, Game Changer 7, reserves the right to terminate the business relationship with you and  close your account. 

4. WHY DOES Game Changer 7, DO THIS? 

Game Changer 7, is required to maintain an anti-financial crime compliance programme which includes  assessing the level of financial crime risk presented by its customers and accepting only those customers  whom it assesses as having an acceptable level of risk. This requirement is set by: 

• the laws applicable to Game Changer 7,  

• its third-party service providers 

5. WHAT ARE THE KEY ASPECTS OF Game Changer 7, ANTI-FINANCIAL CRIME PROGRAMME? The key aspects of Game Changer 7, anti-financial crime programme include but are not limited to: 

• the appointment of a money laundering reporting officer or alternative position as required by local  regulation

• a customer due diligence programme incorporating customer identification and verification based on  information issued or obtained from independent and reliable sources and know your customer  principles 

• conducting enhanced due diligence on customers assessed as higher risk 

• implementing processes and systems to monitor customer transactions to identify suspicious activity • investigating and, where appropriate, reporting suspicious activity to applicable regulatory bodies • compulsory training of Game Changer 7, employees and contractors in relation to financial crime risks • prohibiting business with customers with an unacceptable level of risk 

• continually monitoring levels of purchases and redemptions and evaluating these against anticipated  account activity, the estimated net worth of the customer, and the data and information retained on the  customer’s economic profile 

• investigating any significant deviations in what Game Changer 7, understands of a customer’s  economic profile and their level of purchases 

• additional local requirements applicable to Game Changer 7, from time to time.

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