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GAME CHANGER 7, Privacy Policy Update Summary 


Version: Version 2.0 

Date of Last update: June 3, 2020 

Game Changer 7, Privacy Policy has been updated. Please read the new Privacy Policy carefully,  particularly with respect to the clauses set out below. 

The updated Privacy Policy applies to you from when you confirm your acceptance. If you do not accept  the updated Privacy Policy, you must not use the Platform. If you have any questions about the Privacy  Policy, please contact Game Changer 7, Data Protection Officer by email  


The key changes to the Privacy Policy include: 

Clause 2: Updates to the type of information we may collect, from time to time, including:

- phone numbers (in addition to and other than mobile numbers); - gender;  

- age range; 

- image; 

- information sent bilaterally; 

- location information;  

- activity, technical and device information; and 

- social security numbers.  

Clause 4: updates to let you know that: 

- other members of the Game Changer 7, may also access your information;  - we may use your information to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations; and - we do not use automated decision-making processes within the 

Meaning of European data protection laws.  

Clause 5: a new section explaining the personal data we collect via technology; Clause 6: a new section explaining your data privacy rights;

Clause 9.4: a new section on the use of an API provided by Google Maps in order to allow you to have  access to an address auto-complete function on our Website; 

Clause 9.5: a new section relating to how we use your image to assist us in verifying your identity; and 

Clause 10.2: a new section on privacy rights applicable to Californian residents. 

�2021 Game Changer 7, LLC: All rights reserved 

If you have any questions, please contact us at No purchase necessary | Void where prohibited by law, see Terms of Service.

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